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Rabu, 15 Ogos 2012

Asparagus boleh merawat kanser dan buah pinggang


Berkongsi kaedah rawatan bagi penyakit kanser. Di bawah adalah 3 jenis asparagus yang boleh merawat penyakit kanser dan juga buah pinggang. Semoga ianya memberi harapan baru kepada pesakitnya. Rasanya yang sihat juga boleh amalkan. Mencegah lebih baik dari merawat. Betul tak? Artikel di bawah dalam bahasa Inggeris. Boleh guna google translate jika ada yang tidak faham. Terima kasih.

Just take a few minutes and it is worth reading.....whether U believe it or not.....
Please read the contents below & pass to your friends

Three types of asparagus on a shop display, with white asparagus at the back and green asparagus in the middle. The plant at the front is Ornithogalum pyrenaicum, is commonly called wild asparagus,

Several years ago, I had a man seeking asparagus for a friend who had cancer. He gave me a photocopied copy of an article,entitled, `Asparagus for cancer' printed in Cancer News Journal, December 1979.

I will share it here, just as it was shared with me: 'I am a biochemist, and have specialized in the relation of diet to health for over 50 years.

Several years ago, I learned of the discovery of Richard R.Vensal, D.D.S. that asparagus might cure cancer. Since then, I have worked with him on his project.. We have accumulated a number of favourable case histories.

Here are a few examples:

Case No. 1, A man with an almost hopeless case of Hodgkin's disease (cancer of the lymph glands) who was completely incapacitated. Within 1 year of starting the asparagus therapy, his doctors were unable to detect any signs of cancer, and he was back on a schedule of strenuous exercise.

Case No. 2, A successful businessman 68 years old who suffered from cancer of the bladder for 16 years. After years of medical treatments,including radiation without improvement, he went on asparagus. Within 3 months, examinations revealed that his bladder tumor had disappeared and that his kidneys were normal.

Case No. 3, A man who had lung cancer. On March 5th 1971, he was put on the operating table where they found lung cancer so widely spread that it was inoperable. The surgeon sewed him up and declared his case hopeless. On April 5th he heard about the asparagus therapy and immediately started taking it. By August, x-ray pictures revealed that all signs of the cancer had disappeared. He is back at his regular business routine.

Case No. 4, A woman who was troubled for a number of years with skin cancer. She finally developed different skin cancers which were diagnosed by asking specialist as advanced. Within 3 months after starting on asparagus, her skin specialist said that her skin looked fine and nomore skin lesions. This woman reported that the asparagus therapy also cured her kidney disease, which started in 1949. She had over 10 operations for kidney stones, and was receiving government disability payments for an inoperable, terminal, kidney condition. She attributes the cure of this kidney trouble entirely to the asparagus.

I was not surprised at this result, as `The elements of Materia Medica', edited in 1854 by a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, stated that asparagus was used as a popular remedy for kidney stones. He even referred to experiments, in 1739, on the power of asparagus in dissolving stones.

We would have other case histories but the medical establishment has interfered with our obtaining some of the records.. I am therefore appealing to readers to spread this good news and help us to gather a large number of case histories that will overwhelm the medical skeptics about this unbelievably simple and natural remedy. For the treatment, asparagus should be cooked before using, and therefore canned asparagus is just as good as fresh.

I have corresponded with the two leading canners of asparagus, Giant Giant and Stokely, and I am satisfied that these brands contain no pesticides or preservatives.


1) Place the cooked asparagus in a blender and liquefy to make a puree, and store in the refrigerator.

2) Give the patient 4 full tablespoons twice daily, morning and evening.

Patients usually show some improvement in from 2-4 weeks. It can be diluted with water and used as a cold or hot drink.. This suggested dosage is based on present experience, but certainly larger amounts can do no harm and may be needed in some cases.

As a biochemist I am convinced of the old saying that `what cures can prevent'. Based on this theory, my wife and I have been using asparagus puree as a beverage with our meals. We take 2 tablespoons diluted in water to suit our taste with breakfast and with dinner. I take mine hot and my wife prefers hers cold.

For years we have made it a practice to have blood surveys taken as part of our regular checkups.

The last blood survey, taken by a medical doctor who specializes in the nutritional approach to health, showed substantial improvements in all categories over the last one, and we can attribute these improvements to nothing but the asparagus drink...

As a biochemist, I have made an extensive study of all aspects of cancer, and all of the proposed cures. As a result, I am convinced that asparagus fits in better with the latest theories about cancer. Asparagus contains a good supply of protein called histones, which are believed to be active in controlling cell growth. For that reason, I believe asparagus can be said to contain a substance that I call cell growth normalizer. That accounts for its action on cancer and inacting as a general body tonic. In any event, regardless of theory, asparagus used as we suggest, is a harmless substance.

The FDA cannot prevent you from using it and it may do you much good.. It has been reported by the US National Cancer Institute, that asparagus is the highest tested food containing glutathione, which is considered one of the body's most potent anticarcinogens and antioxidants.

Please spread the news...
...the most unselfish act one can ever do is paying forward all the kindness one has received even to the most undeserved person *

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  1. suka asparagus goreng simple :)

  2. Terima kasih, Rose atas info yg cukup berguna ni.. Selama ni tak tahupun khasiat sebenar asparagus. Lepas ni bolehlah masukkan asparagus dlm menu seharian.. Janganlah tunggu sakit baru nak amalkan.

  3. byk juga khasiatnya ye, tapi nur belum pernah makan aparagus..
    kalau beli pun , tak reti nak masak ape..huhuhuhu..

  4. Assalamualaikum wbth....
    asparatus takpernah makan pucukubi tu ada la ...Thnaks sharing infosis...ummiiman

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  6. asparagus tu mmg sedap hehe =)

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  7. tak reti nak masak asparagus ni..
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  11. assalamualaikum ummi...info yang menarik ni n elok dipraktikkan...:)

  12. xpernah makan...boleh cuba ni

  13. taj pernah makan..lgpun ema ni jenis tak makan sayur..

    Selamat Hari raya

  14. suka asparagus goreng dengan daging..dapp

    yer adik su no2 meninggal 21/mac hari tu.yg su menyepi 3 bulan
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  15. asparagus ni boleh masak apa lg...xpernah try pun hihi


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